Proven Pass

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We turbocharge your outreach to customers through in-app events, content, resources, loyalty programs, other intra-group exchanges and fast, proctor-monitored onsite Covid testing.

We offer:
  • Highly secure communication with your customers
  • Prompt FDA-approved Covid-19 remote testing
  • Premium travel content that motivates a global audience

Here's how
we can help!

Apto powers Proven Pass exclusive communications to each group, enhanced with travel stories and resources.

Here's how Apto can help you!

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Travel Advisor Benefits

  • Securely communicate with your travelers
  • Share exclusive content and events with clients
  • Participate in Apto’s global content and resources

Hotels & Resorts

  • Exclusively reach guests with in-room, post-stay content
  • Use portal to cross-promote hotel properties within hotel group
  • Use portal for loyalty, promotion and year-round engagement

Tour Operators Benefit

  • Promote tour packages, services, and add-ons in secure environment
  • Offer loyalty programs and events to select client groups
  • Use Apto’s global content to inform and engage travelers

Travel Search Engines

  • Offer region-specific content as add-on to search
  • Offer remote Covid-19 testing at participating hotels
  • Use app to reach travelers by region, interests & experience

Regional Economic
Tourism Development

  • Promote region directly to travel advisors and operators
  • Use Apto to showcase each regions cultural offerings
  • Use portal to attract travelers, businesses and expats